Aunt Orphia’s Pound Cakery Open In Germantown

Sometimes you just need a little Aunt Orphia in your life. Amid the struggles of making your spouse happy, making yourself happy, making a living and making sure your own mental health doesn’t leave you on a permanent vacation, it can be nice to briefly slip into a place that has nothing to do with your daily reality–a place where someone other than your dog is truly grateful to see you and where nothing takes the place of fresh, full-cream butter. That place is Aunt Orphia’s Delicious Pound Cakery, opened in Germantown last month.

Philadelphians have been eating Aunt Orphia’s poundcakes since 2006, when owner Orphialasertrella Adams-Taylor began selling slices made from her deceased mother’s recipe out of Temple University lunch carts. In the years since, she’s expanded her wholesale business to markets in the northern and western parts of the city (as well as the Barnes and Noble at Broad and Cecil B. Moore). But in December, the community pastor with a doctorate of divinity opened up a quaint and sunny little café with her daughters. With it emerged a homey gathering spot for family and friends from the neighborhood, where a hearty “Praise the Lord” is just as likely to accompany your order as a “Thank you,” and every guest is a cherished part of the operation.

“We would like to thank the group of seniors who stopped in for an afternoon Chat and chew at Aunt Orphia’s Delicious Homemade Pound Cakery last Friday. Here’s a photo of some of ladies who were there,” reads a recent post on the bakery’s Facebook page, which also contains thanks to named cousins for sending flowers, pictures of old aunts and excerpts of posts from “Philadelphia food critics” on Yelp.

The sunny red and white café itself sells coffee, tea and hot chocolate to go along with whole cakes, cakes by the slice, and gift baskets, which can be purchased for delivery or shipping. Blessings of thanks and prayers for the replenishment of your weary soul, of course, are included free of charge.

Aunt Orphia’s Homemade Pound Cakes [Official website]