UPDATE: Who’s Following Jen Carroll

Seems we weren’t the only ones who noticed Jennifer Carroll being followed by a Bravo film crew while she celebrated her birthday over the weekend. First, because it would’ve been tough not to notice, considering they trailed her through a bunch of different bars and restaurants and Carroll doesn’t really go anywhere in Philly without being noticed–with or without camera crews in tow. And second, because that little tidbit made it to the desk of Eater‘s national site, where it was put together with a tweet from Top Chef season 4 winner Stephanie Izard which said “The film crew just got here to follow me around for ‘a day in the life’ today. Hope today is entertaining;)”–apparently lending more credence to rumors that Bravo is working on a new series following a bunch of former Top Chef contestants.

A day in the life of Stephanie Izard would be fun, sure. A day in the life of Richard Blaise or Kevin “El Beardo” Gillespie? Also amusing, though primarily for those (like me) who think that this season’s batch of chefs are just a bunch of bullies, cry-babies and half-wits and dearly miss the days when Top Chef was actually about pitting crazy-talented (or just plain crazy) chefs against each other in a winner-take-all death-match, rather than a winner-take-some sponsor-off between the Toyota Sienna and Whole Foods. What I really want to see? A day in the life of Marcel Vigneron, the genius/villain from season 2. Mostly because I want to see how his secret lair inside a hollowed-out volcano is coming along, and whether or not he’s caught those kids who’ve been stealing his Lucky Charms.

Anyway, word is Carroll certainly had a good time over the weekend–and, by extension, showed a good time to her pet camera operators. Here’s hoping that it was enough to get her another 15 minutes of fame. And speaking of which, does anyone know what Kevin Sbraga has planned for his birthday?

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