Sneak Preview: February at Cook

Another month, another round of classes at Cook and, just for you loyal Foobooz readers, another early look at the new schedule, which will go live tomorrow at 1pm.

This time around, Audrey Claire Taichman’s collaborative kitchen-slash-cooking school has some truly awesome (and truly collaborative) events happening–not the least of which is our second Foobooz Neighborhood Pop-Up, scheduled for Wednesday, February 15, and featuring the flavors, chefs, restaurants and bars of Fishtown. Considering that our first pop-up (East Passyunk, scheduled to go off on January 18, and bringing together the talents of George Sabatino of Stateside, Lee Styer from Fond, Joe Cicala of Le Virtu and Jessie Prawlucki of Belle Cakery), sold out in a matter of hours, you might want to get your tickets for this one fast.

Speaking of Lee Styer, he’s also on the February schedule, along with Jon Cichon from Lacroix and Jason Cichonski of Ela, doing a straight up love-fest of a dinner. They’re calling it a “Valentine’s Day Feast,” and all decided to throw in together for a single event (on February 6) because they liked the idea of Cook serving as a place for chefs to work together in ways that they don’t get to in their day-to-day lives–which is just what we were thinking with our pop-up dinners.

In other collaborative news, February 2 will bring together Michele Haines of the Spring Mill Cafe and Kyle Sebring from The Foodery for “An Evening In Touraine,” and February 5 will see Sanjay Sende (from Tashan) and Suzanne Woods (of Allagash Brewing Company) coming together to do a beer-paired “Flavors of India” class.

Which isn’t to say that there aren’t some high-tone single chef events to choose from. We here at Foobooz World HQ are totally trying to clear our schedules on February 19 when Anthony Scuderi (Village Whiskey/Tinto) drops by for an evening of burgers and bourbon. Peter McAndrews (Modo Mio) is on the books for February 27. Mitch Prensky (Supper) is demonstrating what a farm-to-table restaurant can do in the dead of winter on the 21st. And George Sabatino is back on the 29th (leap year!), offering a night of “Contemporary American Goodness” a la Stateside.

So anyway, be at your computers tomorrow at 1pm when Cook’s February schedule goes live. And hopefully, we’ll see all of you (or at least the 18 fastest) at our Fishtown neighborhood pop-up.

Cook Class Schedule [Cook]