For the Forgetful: Custom Coffee Service as a Late Christmas Present

If you’re anything like us you will, at some point this week, wander like a depraved addict through a greeting card aisle cursing the fact that you can’t find a Christmas card. Why, you wonder desperately, would they take away the Christmas cards so quickly after Christmas? WHY WOULD THEY TAKE AWAY THE CHRISTMAS CARDS SO QUICKLY AFTER CHRISTMAS?????

If this is you, we bet you haven’t finished your gift shopping either. No? Well here’s a great idea for you: a bespoke coffee service.

Peregrine Coffee is a gourmet roaster in Tacony that scours the planet for the finest beans available (mostly from fair-wage and family-owned plantations) and ships them to you or your gift recipient at scheduled intervals. What’s cool about this is you get to set up an on-site or at-home tasting consultation to determine what kinds of coffee you like. You can even invite a bunch of other slackers and turn it into a party. Once you’ve picked your preferred styles, nations of origin, etc., roaster Kevin Lawrence orders a year’s worth of green beans and stores them at his warehouse for you until the pre-determined time comes for him to roast and send you a fresh batch.

Admittedly, this will only work if the (fill in the blank _______ aunt, uncle, step-sister or boss) you’ve neglected is a coffee lover, but why worry about such small details when your gift-buying reputation is losing such a decisive battle?

Oh, and the best part of this present? Because your recipient will get deliciously fresh coffee delivered through all of 2012, you have the perfect excuse to call it a New Year’s present and act like you planned it this way all along.

Peregrine Coffee [Official website]