Stellar Noodles at Yummy Lan Zhou

Brian Freedman checks out Yummy Lan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House and finds that Chinatown has a new noodle house star.

Noodles, however, are the expected star here, and the real reason for a visit. Noodle with pork soy sauce relied on a mound of silky pasta slightly thicker than standard ramen in gauge. It looked basic enough upon arrival: bone-colored noodles and the deep-umber pork ground up and glistening. Mixing it all, however, revealed a base of sweet-salty soy, ribbons of lettuce, and the occasional fleck of chili. Taken together, it’s easily one of the most satisfying $5 you can spend in the city.

Yummy Lan Zhou: Noodles Never Tasted So Good [Philadelphia Weekly]