Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Heirloom, In Riva, New Liquor Rules and Restaurant Death Watch

It’s been an oddly slow week in the Philadelphia restaurant scene–a feeling which can either be attributed to the beginning of the run-up to the holidays or the fact that the past couple of weeks have been so nuts, what with something like a bazillion restaurants opening, closing, changing chefs or shifting locations in the past thirty days.

In any event, it wasn’t a completely dead week. There was still some action out on the streets. And here’s what you might’ve missed…

In Riva Opens Because one can never have too many salumi and cheese plates
Restaurant Death Watch Which Marathon location will be the next to go?
Liquor Bill Means Changes More beer, more wine, but as yet, no rules for having the 7-11 deliver you whiskey on a Sunday
Changes at Twisted Tail The first rule for the new chef: Thou shalt not suck
Heirloom Opens More grits and short ribs for Chestnut Hill
Flyer Flow Because now you know what you’ll be doing on New Year’s Eve