Sneak Preview: January Schedule at Cook

24 hours from now, the new January class schedule at Cook will be posted for all the world to see. But just for you loyal Foobooz fans, we’ve got an early look at who’s scheduled to be dropping by.

For starters, there’s David Katz from Meme, who’ll be coming in on January 5th. We’re not sure yet what he’s going to be cooking, but he and his crew bought a lifetime’s worth of loyalty from me during this year’s Feastival when they rolled in a keg of dark and stormies and thereby improved my night by about a thousand percent. Here’s hoping he might bring some fixings along with him again on the 5th.

The next most awesome thing? On January 18th, we here at Foobooz are going to be kicking off our Neighborhood Pop-Up Series–a monthly event whereby we bring in a bunch of food, a bunch of booze and a bunch of cooks from one of Philly’s most edible neighborhoods and have them whip up a bunch of courses highlighting the flavors of their home blocks. Think of it like a restaurant crawl without the crawl–a chance to eat all the best stuff from an entire area of the city, all in one place and in one night. We’re starting with East Passyunk, so just imagine the kind of stuff we’ll be able to bring in…

Next, we’re putting our stamp of approval on one of the coolest classes to come through Cook yet–called “Functional Uses of Molecular Gastronomy,” it’s being run by none other than Alex Talbot of Ideas In Food. Never heard of Ideas In Food? Then spend tonight checking it out and tomorrow registering for this class. I would bite a nun if she were standing between me and the last ticket.

Finally, we’re also psyched that Kevin Sbraga is going to be making his first turn through Cook’s classroom–and doubly-so because he’s going to be there on January 30th with Winston Justice from the Eagles doing a class all about Super Bowl tailgating (natch).

There’s more to come in January, so be sure to check out the Cook website tomorrow at 4pm when the schedule goes live.

Cook [Official website]