Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Vetri, Top Chef, Donuts and Free Cookies

Donuts and fried chicken. Padma and Colicchio. The 1% versus the 99%. For some reason, many of this week’s stories seemed to be about the balance between one thing and another, or the combination of two things into something greater than the sum of their parts. And the best of them–the ones that seemed to most fully embody this completely accidental theme of balance and imbalance–also divided the Foobooz audience into two warring camps, with comment strings that went on for days.

Beyond that, we also had more departure news from 10 Arts, an anti-hangover patch, a Top Chef two-fer (with one re-cap here, and the other here), plus, free cookies!

So in case you spent the first part of this week in a post-Thanksgiving turkey coma (or, maybe, just the regular kind), here’s what you might’ve missed.

Can You Justify Vetri? Trey Popp spent $650 on his dinner for the Revisit? Some people found that…problematic
A Brilliant Simplicity Donuts and fried chicken, together at last at Federal Donuts
2011–The Menu We need your help to put together the ultimate end-of-the-year menu
Marc Vetri is Pissed A Q&A about tipping, tip charges and Bill 110341
The Revisit, Redux Trey weighs in on the Vetri debate and schools some idiots
Hey, Drunky! There’s a new hangover patch on the market
Misinformation is Like Information… More fighting over tips and the bad research habits of City Councilmen