Meanwhile, Over On The Philly Post: Misinformation Is Like Information…

If the (very) active argument surrounding servers’ tips, City Council bill No. 110341 and Victor’s Q&A about same with Marc Vetri isn’t enough to satisfy your legislative bloodlust, then man do we have some good news for you…

Once the bill passed the Council and made its way to Mayor Nutter’s desk, Victor decided to put in a call to Councilman Kenney (who’d sponsored the bill, which disallows restaurants from taking out of servers’ tips a percentage of the fees that credit card companies charge the restaurant), just to wrap up a couple of loose ends from an earlier interview and see whether the Councilman was now willing to talk about some of the restaurateurs he’d spoken to while putting the bill together. The response he got was…surprising.

Now that the bill has passed through Council…I decided to give Kenney a call to see if he was ready to name names and call out these evildoers [who, allegedly, were charging servers the entire credit card fee, not just a small percentage]. Sarah Sachdev, Kenney’s director of legislative affairs, said, “To tell you the truth, I think that the councilman got a little bit of misinformation there. We did try to ascertain this and learned that it wasn’t the case.”


You can check out the whole story over on the Philly Post, and see Victor’s Q&A about the bill with Marc Vetri right here.

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