In Search of Potato Skins

Photo by ThinkStock

Earlier this month we posted a photo of a special at the Royal Tavern, Duck Confit Potato Skins, topped with Gruyere, truffle butter, sour cream, bacon, and scallions. It sounded great and I was excited that the commenters were on board. Why not have a potato skin resurgence? A great starchy base with a good crunch. Seems to me that the potato skin is a great base for creative toppings and of course sour cream. Sour cream just tastes better when it’s on a potato skin.

So since that post I’ve been on the lookout for skins on menus. And this past weekend it went an interest to an obsession. But two sets of skins in, I’m disappointed.

Friday night happy hour oddly took me to the Prime Rib. The Potato skins on the happy hour menu screamed to me and I felt they would make a good base to offset the copious amounts of alcohol being consumed. But unfortunately these skins were just that, crisped potato outside. No lining of potato to be found. No cheese to speak off, just crispy skins and horseradish and sour cream sauces to spoon on to the disappointing bar snack.

On Sunday for the Eagles game a big group of us hit Misconduct Tavern. I was excited by the TVs, Yards beer on special and the potato skins on the menu. The $3 price tag for the potato skins should have been a warning sign. Instead of skins loaded up with cheese, sour cream and bacon we received three tiny bites of potato that looked more like mushroom caps than Idaho’s finest.

So with two big whiffs hurting my confidence, I come back to ask you all, where can I go for delicious potato skins that will rise above even the guilty pleasures served by the likes of TGI Fridays or Houlihans?