Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Jose Garces, Iggy Pop, Vedge, Russet and an Irish Hooters

So what were you doing this week while Mica was getting an award, Jose Garces was mulling a trip to Palm Springs and the guys over at the Franklin were coming up with one of the coolest Sunday series we’ve heard of in a long time?

Whatever it was, I hope it was worth it. Here’s what you might’ve missed while you were doing whatever it was you do…

Russet, Serious About Farm-To-Table And about pastry, too
Wanna Be A Foobooz Intern? You know you want to…
Opening Dates and New Chefs News from Vedge, Tapestry and 10 Arts
Suburban Snacks An Irish Hooters and new menus at Isabella
Sticking to Your Diet at Barbuzzo For those who worry about things like diets
Is This The End Of Chinatown? (Spoiler alert: No)
Flyer Flow Our awesome new experiment in delivering restaurant news
Top Chef Recap Sweet sixteen…