Around the Web: Hitting the New Spots

Photo via Living on the Vedge

With all the fall restaurant openings it is tough for even us to keep up, and it’s our job. Luckily, there are more than enough bloggers out there hitting new spots.

We still can’t get over how much we dug Rich Landau’s food at the Vedge preview party. Living on the Vedge was there and snapped some swell photos. [Living on the Vedge]

Penn Appetit gets in to Ela on the opening weekend and raves about the foie gras with huckleberries and gingerbread crumbles. [Penn Appetit]

Fidel Gastro finds that trucking down to Federal Donuts for an early and long lunch is totally worth it. [Fidel Gastro]

Row Home Eats hits up the recently relaunched Renaissance Sausage. The breakfast sandwich, still great. [Row Home Eats]

Two Eat Philly finds that Wajoe is a fine spot for a casual Korean dinner. [Two Eat Philly]

I’ll Eat You praises the Wednesday night cocktail class at Tryst. The night they were there it was all about the Manhattan. [I’ll Eat You]