Flyers, Everyone Is Making Flyers

We’ve been toying around with how to offer bars and restaurants an affordable way to advertise on Foobooz. One idea we came up with is Flyer Flow, an iTunes inspired interface to display flyers.

Businesses are creating these flyers for print and online, but they are typically only seen by people who are already customers. Customers who have already been in their restaurant or are fans on Facebook. With Flyer Flow, the flyers are visible to the entire Foobooz audience.

We’ve whipped up this interface to gather some feedback.

So check out Flyer Flow to see some of the week’s upcoming events and let us know what you think.

Bar and restaurant owners, contact us at if you might be interested or have any questions.

Note: For this experiment no money was collected.

Flyer Flow [f8b8z]