Weekend: Where You Gonna Eat?

For most of you reading this, the only real question this weekend is which of the several new restaurants scheduled to open over the next couple days you’re actually going to be able to get into. Though you’ll have to wait a few more days for the debut of Starr’s Route 6 (scheduled for Thursday the 17th), and things still appear to be up in the air at Ulivo (which Grub Street reported did not make its scheduled opening yesterday due to “situations beyond their control”), there’s still Birra (which opened last week), the new Percy Street BBQ (running smoothly since Monday in the Comcast Center) and Ela, which is scheduled to throw wide the doors in about an hour.

Looking for something different? Read on…


For those who just love their wet-hopped beer, Johnny Brenda’s is holding their 3rd annual Wet Hop Rodeo from 11am ’til midnight.

Also for the beer drinkers, Saturday at 11am is departure time for the Craft Beer Express. 12 stops for $10 bucks. How you gonna beat that?


Hawthorne’s is having their Great Pumpkin Dinner and annual fireplace lighting party. $65 per person for a four-course dinner with beer pairings.