Muse Brings Farm-to-Table to Chester County

Michael Hall, co-owner (along with his wife Shannon) of the new farm-to-table restaurant Muse out in Oxford, was out of the restaurant industry. He’d been in for years, had done his time in the kitchens of both hotels and independent restaurants, and then left to do other things–among them, working as a GM for Wawa. But according to Shannon, Michael “started craving it again.” Like so many ex-cooks, he remembered his galley days as good ones and could never quite shake off the memory. One day, the need to be back in the fire became overpowering. He and his wife found a perfect location, outside of the city, in an area lacking fine dining, fresh and local options.

“So we jumped,” according to Shannon.

They picked up a space on Market Street in Oxford, went to work and, on October 14, opened their first restaurant. Muse is an “upscale American and locally inspired” BYO operation, using grass-fed beef, free-range chickens, homemade pasta and local, seasonal produce.

You can check out Michael’s debut menu right here. And if you happen to find yourself out in Chester County and craving some hand-made mushroom ravioli or sweet pumpkin soup with creme fraiche and fried leeks, now you know where to go.

Muse [Official website]