Beware of Kardashians: Greenhouse Coming to Philly

Looking for a way to blow off a few (or a few more) minutes of work? Then go to right now and amaze yourself with pictures of two of the most mind-bendingly extravagant and fantastical nightclubs we’ve ever seen, then come right back here. It’s okay. We’ll wait.

Done? Good. Now consider the fact that a version of that club is coming to 7th and Chestnut.

This summer, Manhattan-based Greenhouse is opening its third location, in Philly, courtesy of the team behind our own Recess Lounge in Old City. And if this new location is anything like the sites in Soho and South Florida, it may just draw some real celebrities to Philly, even if only to check it out for a night. Yeah, it’s that cool. Just ask A-listers like Courtney Love, Oliver Stone, Snooki, Kim Kardashian, Russell Simmons and Adrian Grenier, who’ve all hung out at the New York spot.

While the Philly crew waits on a liquor license, corporate owners aren’t saying much about the concept, menu or design, or whether the Philly branch will be LEED certified like the original, which is made entirely of recycled or recyclable materials. They’re also – duh — not trumpeting the fact that the SoHo club has seen its share of stabbings, shootings and lawsuits over alleged racist door policies. But its spotty history doesn’t seem to be keeping it from spreading its brand beyond the east coast: Eater Los Angeles has reported that founder and club impresario Jon “B.” Bakhshi is already looking at a further expansion to Las Vegas.