Man V. Food Nation Coming to Town

First, it was Gordon Ramsay, bringing his Kitchen Nightmares freak show through town (he’s actually on East Passyunk right now, filming at Chiarella’s). Now word has come down that professional fat guy and voice of the American appetite, Adam Richman, will be doing a Thanksgiving special set (partly) in Lancaster, at the Plain and Fancy Farm.

He’ll be there for “a traditional Amish Country celebration,” according to the press release, but will also be visiting Plymouth, MA. for a 17th century plantation feast, North Carolina for BBQ, Honolulu for a Hawaiian shindig and Scottsdale, Arizona for…something.

The good thing is, he won’t be eating all of these meals in the same day while under the gun of a countdown clock. The bad news, he probably won’t be exploding on live TV. Still, for those of you who are interested, the Man V. Food Nation Thanksgiving Special will be hitting the small screen on November 16 at 9pm.

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