Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Moonshine, Sushi Robots, Gordon Ramsay and a New Restaurant From The Franklin Mortgage Crew

I’m not sure which announcement had me more excited: The one about Franklin Mortgage and Supper teaming up to create one super-restaurant in Fairmount, or when Art came rushing into the office to tell everyone that all the sushi at the new Yoshi storefront in Suburban Station was being made by robots. I love a powerful drink and a fine meal, no doubt. But I also have a thing for robots. And a robot that can make sushi? I wondered what I would have to do to make that machine my best friend…

Anyway, it was a week for those kinds of jubilant emotions and whip-crack changes in loyalty. We had openings, announcements, news, a Top 50 list–everything you need. And here’s the best of it, just in case you missed snything:

Cooking the Books New cookbooks from Vetri and Vongerichten, reviewed
Subterranean Robot Sushi Which is totally gonna be the name of my next J-pop band
The New Moonshiners Here is why you should break the law
Franklin Mortgage and Supper Team Up For one new restaurant which will almost certainly not be called Biddle
Fuck the McRib And long live the boneless rib sandwich
Foobooz Top 50 Bars The best of the best (of the best)
Top Chef Texas: Ep. 1 Seriously? Did the vegan chef really think he was going to last past the first night?
Gordon Ramsay Coming to Town It’s like Godzilla visiting. A small, pasty, British Godzilla
Percy Street BBQ Comes to the Comcast Center If you hear a small popping sound, don’t worry. That’s just us exploding