Alla Spina Preview Dinner

RueLaLa offered an exclusive opportunity to preview  Alla Spina (Marc Vetri’s upcoming Italian bar opening in early 2012 on North Broad) this past Monday. The $125 per person dinner sold out within two hours and we sadly missed out. But we did want to share the menu as it does tease what we will see when Alla Spina does open.


Housemade pretzel with spicy mustard
Porcini devilled eggs
“Schisola” polenta stuffed with taleggio cheese

First Course
Fish and meat crudo

Second Course
Baked oysters with asiago, parsley and lemon
Ipswich steamers with beer and butter

Third Course
Whole roasted pork shoulder
Mortadella hot dog, calabrese sausage

Fourth Course
Raspberry lambic and fiordilatte affogato
Fried focaccia with italian stout hot chocolate

Alla Spina [Vetri Family]