Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Go-Go Dancers, Booze, Hoagies and Spotted Dick

So this is the week that our big bars issue hit the stands (and the internets). As such, it was a boozy kind of week with news from the new Trestle Inn, tales of Hop Sing Laundromat and the Philly Flyer (which is this city’s new official cocktail, BTW), beer dinners, free complimentary booze at Stateside and more Halloween and pumpkin-related events than you can shake a stick at. If, like us, you spent much of the past week downing shots at the bar and telling the guy next to you all about the impending zombie apocalypse, here’s what you might’ve missed:

Tritone To Close On South Street We offer a rememberance
Everyone Loves Philly (Except Stephen Starr) Where Philadelphia is making the national news
A Pop-Up and An Opening Date For Stateside Also, lots of delicious alcohol
Spotted Dick, And Other Silly Things Englishmen Eat With video!
85 Awesome Places to Drink And all the best reasons why
Go-Go At The Trestle Good food, good booze, dancing girls, and WAY less skeevy than a strip club
Philly’s 20 Best Drinks And where to get them
Tale of the Tape: Il Pittore The Painter/Starr project, by the numbers
The Philly Flyer Philly’s new official cocktail
Win a Year’s Supply of Hoagies Oh, HELL yeah…