Fishtown’s Soup Kitchen Provides Lunchtime Thrills

Trey Popp calls Fishtown’s Soup Kitchen the best thing to happen to lunch all year.

Soup Kitchen’s sandwiches are two- and three-day productions. The pulled pork is bright with apple and cabbage slaw and jalapeño aioli. A walnut pesto bumps the goat cheese, avocado and arugula into contention for best vegetarian sandwich in town. Tomato-thyme mayo? Who ever thought a meatloaf-and-bacon sandwich could be improved on? And floating atop the soups are touches like roasted tomato oil (on the best cucumber soup of the summer) and nutmeg mousse (on a carrot-orange soup that, sadly, I missed).

Three Stars – Excellent

Review: Soup Kitchen [Philadelphia magazine]

Soup Kitchen
2146 East Susquehanna Avenue
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