Supper Brings More Bagels To Philly

Supper has already got a pretty good brunch, what with the chilaquiles, the breakfast cereal buffet, the Supper dog wrapped in bacon, deep-fried and served with barbecued onions, and red velvet waffles (yes, I said red velvet waffles). But now, chef Mitch Prensky and his crew have taken their whole “screw you, we’ll make it ourselves” ethos a step farther by making their own bagels.

I got to try some yesterday (along with their house-cured and smoked pastrami salmon, which tastes kind of like what a pig would if it was raised by salmon and ate nothing but leftovers from underwater Jewish delis), and found them to be surprisingly good–stiff at the skin, chewy on the inside, and with just enough air in the dough to keep them light.

Supper is rolling the new bagels and pastrami salmon during brunch–Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am-3pm.

Supper [Official website]