What Will Open First?

Where do these stairs go? They go up.

One place we didn’t mention in our post of restaurants and bars aiming to open in October is American Sardine Bar. Euphoria for John Longacre’s second bar (SPTR is his first) has waned a bit as the project has dragged on for months beyond its originally targeted opening. October has seen the launch of the bar’s Facebook and Twitter pages. The web site still promises an October opening but a couple of Twitter posts encourage people to pray for a November opening.

The other project that Center City South residents and Point Breezers are anticipating is the upstairs at the Sidecar Bar & Grille. That project has certainly taken its time but recently progress has been shown. The kitchen has moved upstairs and the interior stairs are now open, albeit with temporary planks. The staff says it will still be a month before any customers are eating or drinking upstairs at the 22nd and Christian bar.

So that begs the question. Will customers be bellying up to the upstairs bar at the Sidecar before or after they have their first pint at American Sardine Bar?

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