Food & Wine List Shuns Philly’s Killer Burgers

It wasn’t so long ago that Food & Wine finally acknowledged Philadelphia as a “Great Food City.” But they sure dropped the ball on their new list of the 25 best burgers in the United States, which features not a single one from these parts.

New York landed a full fifth of the picks (e.g. Peter Luger, Shake Shack, Spotted Pig), with the balance divided pretty evenly across other major metropolitan areas plus some out-of-the-way selections like Miller’s Bar in Dearborn, Michigan and Buffalo Gap, Texas’ Perini Ranch Steakhouse.

“Everyone has a different definition of a perfect burger,” explained Food & Wine‘s Daniel Gritzer. Yeah, I get that. But with two winners in Boston, one in friggin’ Washington D.C., and the inclusion of an ahi burger (yes, California), I have to say I feel a little cheated. Did you guys even come to Philadelphia?

25 Best Burgers [Food & Wine]