How Burrata Is Made and Where to Get It

We’re big fans of burrata and will order it just about every time we see it on a menu. DiBruno Brothers makes it to order and have prepared this video detailing the process.

Among the restaurants we’ve spotted serving burrata recently:

  • (House-made)
  • Agiato
  • Barbuzzo (Imported from Puglia, Italy)
  • Girasole
  • Paradiso
  • Roberto Cafe (Flown in from Italy)
  • Square 1682
  • Table 31 (DiBruno Bros.)
  • Village Belle (DiBruno Bros.)
  • White Dog Cafe (DiBruno Bros.)

Or you can have it home, contact DiBruno Brothers and get a ball for yourself.

Photo from from the Wikimedia Commons