Sbraga Is Now Open

The official word has just come down that Top Chef winner and Starr-Garces-Perrier veteran Kevin Sbraga has chosen an opening date for his eponymous restaurant at 440 South Broad Street: This Saturday, October 15th.

The menu will be “Modern American” and, at least in the 65-seat dining room, be limited to a $45 4-course prix fixe arrangement. Guests will have options for each of the four courses–choosing between foie gras soup with rose petal relish and eggplant terrine with black garlic and jalapeno, perhaps. Or between black cod with kim chee over bok choy and meatloaf with royal trumpet mushrooms, mashed potatoes and a bacon marmalade. The final course will be a dessert, prepared by pastry chef Jesmary Sbraga–who was a lock for the gig considering she’s married to the chef.

The kitchen will also offer a longer tasting menu for those who just can’t get enough Sbraga in their diet. And at the bar, the entire board will be available for a la carte service.

Sbraga [Official website]