Marnie Old Talks Rioja at Amada

Quick: Close your eyes and think of a top Philly restaurant that engenders class, erudition and verve. Now think of a local foodie celeb who embodies those same qualities. If the first answers that popped in your head were not Amada and Marnie Old, you fail the quiz.

If somehow those answers were in your top five – or you at least wished they’d been once you saw them – you pass to the next paragraph and are thereby permitted to learn that Old and Amada are pairing on Tuesday for an event that’s bound to be classy, erudite and vervilacious multiplied by two. Starting at 6pm, Old will lead a Rioja pairing that traverses the Spanish terrain and unearths the reasons the wines from this region are so versatile.  A variety of flights will be paired with tapas and Old’s sparkling personality.

$70 + tax and 20% tip. Call  215-625-2450 for reservations (required) and more information.

Amada [Official website]

Marnie Old [Official website]