Just Because It’s Awesome: Questlove, Made Out Of Noodles

And as if it isn’t strange enough to find a formal portrait of Questlove made entirely out of noodles, what makes it double-weird is that said portrait was done by New York-based artist Julia Greene, but she was commissioned by the folks over at P.F. Chang’s Home Menu to construct the homage to the Roots drummer, food lover and Philly native.

Questo has nothing at all to do with P.F. Chang’s (and neither did Al Roker when his portrait got did), but spokesperson Dan Mazei insists that the company just “appreciates his food fandom, and thought his unique personality would look great…made of lo mein.”

We, too, dig Questlove’s commitment to the culinary arts, but wonder where he was during last night’s Chinatown Night Market. He was supposed to debut his Quest Loves Food project at the event, but was nowhere to be seen.

Lucky for us, we got a taste of his “? Drumsticks” a couple weeks ago at Feastival and they were awesome. Would’ve been nice to get another hit last night, but who knows… Maybe the man was too busy sitting for his next portrait, in which he will be sculpted entirely out of ham.