New Sabrina’s In West Philly Is Just A Start

The Italian Market already has a Sabrina’s–where the lines for the luxurious brunch can often stretch long with dedicated fans willing to put in the time to wait for their favorite tables to open. There’s another, more casual location in Fairmount, housed in a converted diner, and the crowds have a tendency to stack up there as well.

And as of two weeks ago, there’s now a third Sabrina’s–a West Philly/Powelton Village version, right on Drexel’s Fraternity Row (227 N. 34th Street, to be exact). But even without the address, it would be tough to miss this one, since it opened inside the historic Victorian mansion right on the corner of 34th and Powelton.

The concept is the same: solid comfort food, charming service and decadent brunches served in beautiful surroundings. As with the other locations, the newest is also a three-a-day, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thus far, the crowds are about the same, too. But one difference at the new location? No BYOB–but no bar either. The new joint is dry as Utah.

Oh, and then there is one other thing that’s different–or going to be different, anyway. Owners Robert and Raquel DeAbreu will be opening a burger joint inside the same building.

Yup, you read that right: a burger joint. And the projected opening date for Spencer ETA Burger (ETA, get it? Pronounced like the 7th letter in the Greek alphabet for a little fraternity flavor) is the end of this month.

Sabrina’s Cafe [Official website]