Sausage Fest at the Standard Tap

The Standard Tap’s week long Sausage Fest begins today. As the name implies there will be a full menu of sausage served up all week, including the talked about Beer Meat Plate. Just how serious is the Standard Tap about Sausage Fest? So serious they have a dancing neon sausage in the window.

During Sausage Fest the Tap will also be offering 20 ounce steins for the same price as 16 ounce pints. The quantity of steins is limited though, so get there soon.

Sausage Fritters 5.

Scotch Eggs – deep-fried, chorizo-wrapped hard-boiled eggs served with bacon onion butter 5.

Martin’s Meats, located in The Reading Terminal Market since 1986, is the retail arm of Martin’s Specialty Sausages. Both are owned by Martin Giunta, a third-generation butcher whose 2 grandfathers had shops in the Italian Market. He makes over 30 varieties of sausage using natural ingredients and no preservatives.

4 Alarm Sausage Tostada – a hot sausage made of pork and habanero peppers, served on a corn

Boudin Blanc – a chicken, mushroom & cream sausage served with a honey crisp apple & blue tortilla with lettuce, jalapenos, salsa verde & a fried egg 7.

cheese salad 7.

Chorizo Verdi – a pork & vegetable sausage served with a summer vegetable stew 7.

Duck Sausage – with sweet potato hash & pecan brown butter 7.

D’Angelo Bros., located in the heart of Philadelphia’s historic Italian Market for over 80 years, is a third generation retail meat market that features fresh game, sausage, pate, roasts, and more. Their sausage casings are natural and their products have no nitrates, preservatives, artificial colors or fillers.

Smoked “Mixed Bag” Jalapeno & Cheddar Sausage – made from elk, venison, wild boar antelope & pork. Wrapped in sweet custard toast and served with maple syrup 6.

Wild Boar Italian Sausage – with sweet and hot peppers and onions 5.

Venison Bratwurst – with orange, ginger, fig chutney 5.

Broken Arrow Ranch — a family-owned business in Texas Hill Country has been in operation since 1983. It’s an artisanal producer of high quality free-range venison, antelope, and wild boar meat.

Big Paul’s Juicy Wiener – with tangy baked beans 5.

Big Paul is none other than Paul Kimport, chef of Johnny Brenda’s and co-owner of JB’s & Standard Tap. He makes a mighty tasty wiener!

Corn Dogs 5.

Pigs in a Blanket 5.

Cabbage-wrapped Bockwurst – German veal sausage served with tomato and creamed corn 6.

Hot Pot – a kielbasa, ham, cabbage & split pea soup 5.

Blood Sausage – pork sausage with bacon, apple, onion & lima beans 7.

Bratwurst – a German pork sausage served with juniper sauerkraut 5.

Sweet & Sour Smoked Kielbasa – served with chow chow 5.

Liverwurst Plate – traditional & hausmacher (“house-made”, coarsely chopped) liverwursts served with rye, onion, mustard & apples 5.

Ernst A. Illg Meats (a tidy processing plant and well-staffed retail shop) is in a cornfield, down a country lane off Folly Road in Warrington, Bucks County. They have 45 authentic European specialties plus 35 more products, including hamburger fresh-ground from local beef. Before Illg’s moved to Bucks County in 1964, you could find its stuff at its original location at 29th and Master in Philadelphia’s old Brewery Town section.

Beer Meat Plate – a veritable sausage party, it’s a plate filled with all of your favorite smoked meats 8.

Thanks to Chef Carolynn Angle for creating our Sausage Fest menu!

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