Latin Farmer Taking a Break

The Latin Farmer truck made its debut at the Mt. Airy Night Market and has garnered some press since for its healthy Latin offerings.

But the logistics of running a food truck has caused owner Wilfredo Manzano to shut down the operation for the time being.

Thank you for your email. Latin Farmer Food Co. is not closing, we have faced several issues in the past month forcing me to make the tough decision of stopping our operations until further notice. This was done in efforts to protect the Latin Farmer Brand and guarantee a successful return. A lot goes into running a food truck and unpredictability is part of the game, we are focusing all of our energy into our future operations and have been working hard to continue bringing Philly what we promised, a healthier and fresh Latin food concept. We look forward to returning as soon as possible and hope that we will be welcomed back with open arms and a big appetite ;)

We hope Latin Farmer overcomes its issues as we really want to have that cucumber mojito again (despite the lack of alcohol, and that’s saying something).

Latin Farmer [Official Site]