More Than Just Pizza at Santucci’s, But It’s Still About the Pizza

Steaming pizza pie from Santucci’s

We agree with Adam Erace that the rest of the menu at Santucci’s deserves investigation and praise. But it still comes down to the pizza.

[T]he best pizza I’ve had in months, a 9-by-9-inch “personal” pie with a mottled brown bottom and tall crusty corners, melty aged mozzarella underlay and liberally spiced tomato-sauce top striped with roasted long hots. It’s magnificent.The magic is in the pans, heavy cast-iron bastards that are black with seasoning built up over countless oven firings. They’re never washed with soap, only water, after each pie is lifted out and then re-oiled for the next dough. So each new pizza, in a way, contains some DNA of all the pizzas that have come before it, like sourdough made from a starter passed down through the generations.

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