Meanwhile, Over on the Philly Post: More on Staphmeal

I know that we already wrote a little bit about the controversy (threats of lawsuits, accusations of racism, etc.) brewing around the new food blog Staphmeal, but a couple days have passed, things have gotten even uglier, and now, over on the Philly Post, Victor Fiorillo has a transcript from his recent interview with one of (and possibly the only) Staphmeal writer.

One of the (many) things they chatted about?

You seem to be having a lot of fun with this.
We are. (I am actually just one person). Don’t get me wrong, though, it is a bit stressful. The fear of being outed, dealing with a rather serious attorney, the press, having to hear a lot of nasty things said about me, following up on leads, not being able to post from the same place twice (IP address). Just keeping my cell phone battery charged is proving to be rather stressful.

To check out the rest of the interview (and who is next on the Staphmeal hit-list) check out the full interview right here.

Staphmeal [Official website]

Philly Post [Philadelphia magazine]