Autumn (Yes, Autumn) Sangria at Isabella

This week’s award for innovation in money-making goes to executive chef Michael Cappon at Conshy’s Isabella. Refusing to let sangria, a darling of summer, go gently into that fall night, he figured out a way to extend its formerly limited shelf life. He brought the seasonal sangria to Philly.

No longer the exclusive possession of warm weather, sangria is debuting as a cocktail you can be seen with after Labor Day. Cranberry & Valencia, Herbaceous White and Spiced Pear flavors step out with fashionable accessories like sugared cranberries, thai basil, mint, chervil, organic fruit purees, toasted cinnamon sticks, clove and nutmeg. They carry a price tag of $9. Sources say the candied twig sangria was left on the cutting room floor.

When fall fashions fade, chef Cappon says winter sangrias will hit the runways in ensembles containing blood orange and pomegranate. Spring styles are still in the design phase.

Isabella [Official website]