UPDATE: Foobooz Pop-Up at Cook is SOLD OUT

Despite some whining by the haters (yeah, you know who you are), it looks like the Foobooz/Philly mag pop-up cocktail party at Cook has sold out. Which means that we, a bunch of bartenders, a couple cooks, one distiller and 15 of our closest friends are going to be spending next Tuesday night picking Philadelphia’s new signature cocktail. It promises to be one hell of a good time.

As for entering a recipe for a Philly cocktail? That game closed last night. We’re currently in the process of narrowing down more than 60 recipes to a final list of 5 contenders which will be announced tomorrow. So if you got some skin in this game, stay tuned. We’ll get that list up just as soon as we’re done fighting over which drinks sound the awesomest (and most Philadelphian).

So what if you spent all last week hiding under a rock (thereby missing all the fun of getting a cocktail entered) and didn’t heed my advice about getting your tickets to the party early? Well that doesn’t mean you’re shut out of all the fun. While I’d love to sneak you in the back door at Cook on Tuesday, I just can’t. But I can tell you that they’ve got a Saturday night event with chef Scott Schroeder (of South Philly Tap Room) who’ll be doing a beer pairing dinner with a mystery local brewery (rhymes with Schmlying Schmish) and serving up oysters with pickle mignonette, homemade garlic sausages and roasted rack of lamb. There’s just a handful of tickets left for this one, but if you’re looking for a few drinks and something to do on Saturday night, you can check out the details right here.

Cook September schedule [Official website]