Special Cocktails for Restaurant Week at Farmers’ Cabinet

Farmers’ Cabinet has rolled out a special cocktail list that will only be available during Restaurant Week. The cocktails have been specifically crafted to pair with dishes on the Restaurant Week Dinner Menu.

Mystic Circle
tequila, celery, lemon

No. 6 Bourbon Sour
bourbon, sugar, lemon, orange bitters

Procession of the Sage
cachaca, corn juice, lime, sage

The Bulldog Drummond
scotch, tomato water, celery, lemon, bacon tincture

The Revenue Waltz
corn liquor, benedictine, ginger liqueur, lemon

The Green Arrow
vodka, lime, honey, cilantro

Kobayashi , JD
gin, absolut orient apple vodka, ginger, pear, maraschino, lemon, cinnamon dram, smoked salt tincture

The Charlie Baltimore
gin, rhubarb liqueur, strawberry/balsamic shrub, prosecco

Andrea Doria
cognac, cassis, crème de cacao, orange liqueur

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