Dollar Beers, Secret Figs and a Birthday Party At PBR

For their first birthday bash, the folks at Philadelphia Bar and Restaurant are presenting an example of urban foraging and local growing from an unusual location: the shadows of Holmesburg Prison. Word is, chef Jordan “Red” Sauter has grown a world-class fig in his secret Northeast Philly location. And now he finally has something to do with it.

Beginning next Monday, Old City’s PBR will be celebrating its 1st birthday with a full week of specials, offering super-cheap microbrews and grub to all its loyal fans. And when we say “cheap,” we mean cheap. Like, one-dollar cheap. McDonald’s Value Menu? Fuck that. PBR will be offering $1 Ommegang craft beer and $1 eggplant fries which kicks the shit out of a squishy double cheeseburger any day. Or how about shucked oysters, burgers or roasted pig? All for a buck, all on different days.

Gastropub bliss, they call it.

But back to those figs for a minute. On Thursday night, the restaurant at 120 Market Street will pay tribute to its regulars with an invite-only party from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. That’s when chef Sauter will debut his Holmesburg fig.

The Holmesburg Fig is “a sweet and delicious fig that compares to prized figs found in the Mediterranean or Middle East,” said Sauter. He takes his babies, stuffs them with gorgonzola picante and wraps them in house-made duck prosciutto to create a salty, sweet, creamy and purely City of Brotherly Love creation.

“We’ve had a fantastic first year and want to celebrate with our regulars and neighbors who haven’t experienced our brand yet,” said partner Shawn Gormley.

Because the yield from the two secret fig trees in limited, the house is saying that the figs will only be available at the private Thursday celebration. But we found out that five or six dozen will be saved for Saturday evening, for those who aren’t regulars, didn’t get a Thursday invite, but are still interested in trying the unique fig dish, at the only place in the world they can have it.

The full schedule for PBR’s First Birthday Bash is below. Plan accordingly.

  • Monday, September 12th – $1 TRÖEGS and fried mac & cheese
  • Tuesday, September 13th – $1 Yards and freshly shucked oysters
  • Wednesday, September 14th – $1 Ommegang and eggplant fries
  • Thursday, September 15th – Private Party from 5 to 8 p.m. for PBR regulars
  • Friday, September 16th – $1 Flying Fish and burgers
  • Saturday, September 17th – $1 Weyerbachers and Holmesburg Figs (while supplies last)
  • Sunday, September 18th – $1 Philadelphia Brewing Company and whole roasted pig

Philadelphia Bar and Restaurant [Official Website]