Vegans and Meat Eaters Living Together!

In Trey Popp’s monthly revisit, he returns to three year-old Sketch on Girard Avenue where he finds an “ebullient mash-up of sermon-free veganism and sloppy-good griddle fare.”

Yes, there are some issues (for example, the unusually thick layer of carbonization on the meat burgers here), but for the most part these are good-value patties that people of all ideologies and income levels can get behind. My truffle butter burger came out perfectly medium rare. The vegan burger nails the balance between squishy interior and crispy singed edge. When I first came to Sketch three years ago, the turkey burger was one of the best I’d ever had—thanks to an injection of dehydrated vegetables reconstituted with olive oil. But this time around I had to save room to sample other parts of a menu that’s grown quite a bit from Sketch’s beginnings, when Farquhar aspired to offer “only five things.”

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