Bar AIDS Tonight

There’s a great way to quench your thirst tonight during Bar AIDS (Aug. 25). For the second year in a row, local AIDS organizations – including Mazzoni Center, Action AIDS, Philadelphia FIGHT and the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania – benefit from the all-day event.

Bars are giving more than 30 percent of sales for every drink purchased (Thursday is the new Friday, right?). It all got started in Chicago six years ago to bring attention to HIV and AIDS issues. Last year the event was a success here in Philly, the city where Dining Out for Life first got started. And with even more venues participating this year – including coffee shops and cafes that service non-alcoholic beverages – charities are expected to raise even more money.

A few new organizations are also participating, including the City of Brotherly Love Softball League (CBLSL) which has adopted a few locations where members can lend their support. CBLSL is one of the organizers of the ASANA World Series, which overlaps with Bar AIDS, bringing hundreds of softball players into Philly for several days of events.

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