Old City’s Charlie’s Goes On Offensive

Photo via Bhiladelphia

Charlie’s Pub closed back in April and has been looking to make a comeback at 17 N 3rd Street. Unfortunately for them they didn’t get the support of the Old City Civic Association or the Zoning Board of Adjustment. The owners posted the above in the window at 17 N 3rd and are now going on the offensive for community support as they appeal the Zoning decision and contest the civic association’s protests.

Check out opening paragraph of the letter on the right.

Charlie’s wants to thank you for your continued support and patronage over teh sixteen years we were able to reside in Old City. We are working hard to move to 17 North Third Street after we lost our lease. Unfortunately the Old Civic Association and the Zoning Board of Adjustment have denied our right to stay and keep our bar in Olde [sic] City. Your local association is trying to destroy small business’ [sic] and denying you the right to a thriving community. We are currently appealing and hope you will join us in the fight to keep us where we should be, continuing to serve you.

Full Letter (JPG)