UPDATED: Art In the Age’s Rhuby Delayed Due To “Sediment”

On Monday, we told you to look for Rhuby, the new rhubarb-flavored spirit from Art In the Age (Root/Snap), in state stores this week. But here it is Friday, and there’s not a bottle to be found. The PLCB’s inventory site lists scores of bottles at various stores around the Philadelphia area, but a couple of readers have told Foobooz that the bottles aren’t actually available.

A worker at the 724 South Street liquor store tells us that it’s all about paperwork and that the bottles “just haven’t been entered into the system yet”, which sounds reasonable enough given that we’re talking about the booze bureaucracy known as the PLCB. But according to Art In the Age spokesperson Laura Price, it’s more of a quality control issue. “We’re holding the bottles at the distributor,” she explains. “It’s an organic product, and there’s a little bit of sediment. Everything’s fine, and we should be on the shelves sometime next week.”

Update… About two minutes after posting the original item with an image of a sticker reading “Quality Control: Rejected”, we heard from Laura Price, who says that nothing was rejected, just delayed due to concerns over “naturally occurring sediment”. So we’ve changed the art accordingly. It’s Friday. Summer hours. And we just don’t feel like fighting about it.