Wheel News: FroYo and Sandwiches

Even though we’ve had a couple of food trucks recently turn off their engines for good, wheeled food is still the big thing. Gozen Yogurt is just about a month out from hitting the streets. Philadelphia’s first frozen yogurt truck will feature four self-service yogurt machines and toppings bar. Cups will be priced by weight. Look for the truck on college campuses and check out their Facebook page where you can vote on what colorful truck wrap they should choose.

Gozen Yogurt
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Soup and Wich is also coming this Fall and naturally will be serving soups and sandwiches. This truck has a chef with some pedigree. Alex Garfinkel has worked in the kitchens of Amada, Le Bec-Fin and Morimoto. Among the soups teased are pho and ginger carrot. Inside bread will be everything from grilled cheese to banh mi.  Gozen, Soup and Wich’s location is still up in the air.