Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Weiners, Unemployment, Makeovers and Beer Floats

We know. The picture (of the Farmers Market #2 dog at Hot Diggity) is distracting. And we would’ve totally understood if you spent the whole week doing nothing but chasing down tube-steaks through the steamy streets of Philadelphia. But while you were doing that, we were keeping an eye on the scene and putting together all the week’s best news into this convenient digest.

Why? Because we’re looking out for you, that’s why. Also, we were kinda hoping you might share that hot dog…

Thai Kuu Gets Kneecapped Want to know what it takes to get a zero star/bell/fork review these days? Here’s a how-to.
Shakeup at Talula’s Garden Playing musical chefs in the Olexy empire
Shakeup at Adsum We find three of these things, it’s a trend
McCrossen’s Gets a Makeover It’s amazing what a (metaphorical) haircut and a boob job can do
Cook Goes Live Audrey Claire Taichman’s cooking school/chef’s playground starts taking reservations
Birra Sets a Date And makes a video!
Beer Floats I’m only gonna say this once: Eww