Philadelphia Brewing Co. Produces a Cider?

We thought it was a gluten deficiency when a recently diagnosed celiac disease sufferer told us about Philadelphia Brewing Company’s Cider. Poor chap was delusional, telling himself it was cider while he was actually quaffing Kenzinger. But we reached out to PBC’s Nancy Barton and she let us know that Philadelphia Brewing Co.’s cider does exist.

The cider was produced in a limited run in June. Simply called Cider, the 150 kegs are already out in the market. It’s a dry, tart cider and comes in at 5.5% alcohol by volume.

The cider sold out fast but they have a few kegs at the brewery for Saturday tours and for growler fills.

There are plans to brew it again but probably not until next year when there will be some extra capacity. The fall is a busy time at the brewery with Harvest From The Hood, Winter Wunder, Shackamaximum and Kilty Pleasure hogging the tanks.

Philadelphia Brewing Co. [Official Site]