?uestlove Gets His Own Roll at Zama

?uestlove joins the likes of Marc Vetri, Ryan Madson, and Pierre Calmels of Bibou with his induction into the Celebrity Roll hall of fame at Zama (which won a Best of Philly award this year for–you guessed it–it’s celebrity-themed hand-rolls).

The Roots’ star apparently inspires the essence of cheesesteaks since his roll (named “The Drum Roll”)  is basically a fancy, tubular cheesesteak made with Washugyu beef (think of it as super-Wagyu), provolone, bibb lettuce and aioli, wrapped in red pepper flake soy paper. Classy, right? And yes, you actually can order it “wit’ or wit’out” sauteed onions.

With the roll appearing on next week’s menu, those ordering it can also feel good about the $1 donation for each roll sold going to Harlem Village Academies, which is ?uestlove’s charity of choice. And while you’re waiting, check out the video of his ?uest-ness in the kitchen with chef Zama lending a hand in the creation of the Drum Roll.

?uestlove and Zama Cook [via Youtube]

Zama [Official website]

Harlem Village Academies [Official website]