Revisiting Pub & Kitchen

Brian Freedman aimed to check out Wednesday barbecue dinner at Pub & Kitchen. But with that sold out for the evening he was reminded that P&K is one of the best bars to eat  and also a serious dining destination.

I had the chance to be reintroduced to one of the most honest, firing-on-all-cylinders spots around. Go there for a drink (the beer program is especially well-considered, though the wines and barrel-aged cocktails are given their due respect, too). Go there for a meal (the menu has expanded almost fourfold since opening). Special barbeque dinner or not, Pub & Kitchen is as good now as it’s ever been.

Pub & Kitchen Still Making a Good Impression [Philadelphia Weekly]

Pub & Kitchen’s menu is always changing. Here’s the version they rolled at yesterday complete with a new cucumber relish with jalapeno and maple syrup topping for the Churchill burger.

For tonight the barbecue will be:

Smoked Turkey leg and roasted Breast

Collard Greens

Grits Casserole

Can of Beer


Pub & Kitchen [Official Site]