Talula’s Garden – A Love Letter

Trey Popp pens a love letter to Aimee Olexy’s new restaurant, Talula’s Garden.

[F]rom the most exquisitely curated cheese plates in town to the rustic gorgeousness of a delicious rhubarb gâteau (or the sweet-salty alchemy of a banana-toffee mille-feuille, punctuated with an exclamatory bitter-chocolate sorbet), Talula’s Garden gets so much right. The service is laid-back but well informed. The background sound doesn’t drown conversation. From the stylish bar to the casual garden, the restaurant’s varied atmospheres create a climate that can be elegant or informal, but is always comfortable.

Three and a Half Stars – Excellent to Extraordinary

Talula’s Garden [Philadelphia Magazine]
Talula’s Garden [Official Site]

Photo by Jason Varney