Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Stealing Tea, Eating Wieners, Keeping Cool and the Biggest Cheesesteak in the World

We know that you’re itching for the weekend to begin. But before you step out into the furnace that is our fair city this afternoon, why not spend a few more minutes under the air conditioning and check out what you might’ve missed on Foobooz this week?

If you got a couple beers hidden at your desk, crack ’em now.

Far From Home Cafe Closes Up Shop And it’s all Foobooz’s fault. Kinda
Watching People Steal Honest Tea comes to town with a cool hidden-camera experiment
Barbecue and Beer at Pub & Kitchen Perfect for a summer night, though hopefully a slightly cooler one
L’Oca Owner Arrested, Restaurant Closed A DUI takes down the Fairmount BYO
Saturday is National Hot Dog Day And we have everything you need to know about getting some wieners in ya’s Philly Heat Map Which we counter with our Foobooz Not-Eater Cold Map of the lamest restaurants in town
Record For Biggest Cheesesteak Now Held By Tucson Are we gonna take this, Philly?
Coldest Restaurant in Center City Yes, we checked. These are the best places to beat the heat when you get out of work today