Le Bec-Fin Scheduled To Reopen Today… But Will It?

Earlier this week, Georges Perrier publicist Patti Klein sent around an announcement heralding the reopening of Le Bec-Fin on July 8th (that’s today) after a “kitchen makeover”. The restaurant was supposed to be open for lunch. Except it’s not.

According to one harried staffer I spoke with yesterday, the restaurant is still “in shambles”. The hostess confirms that lunch service had to be canceled but that they are accepting reservations for dinner. One source says that Le Bec is still waiting on a fire inspection, but the Fire Commissioner’s office says there’s no fire inspection required for the restaurant to reopen. The Department of Licenses and Inspections says they handed Le Bec a boatload of permits just yesterday and that the restaurant can open as far as they are concerned.

So I called Chef Perrier to clear up the confusion and asked him whether he would be serving dinner this evening. “I hope so, I hope we’ll make it,” he replied. “I don’t know what’s happening, but everything is by the book here. Someone from the city is supposed to come and sign something, I guess, which doesn’t make any sense. But you know how this world works, Victor.”