Freebie Friday: Ikea, Chick-Fil-A and Dobbs Want To Feed You

If you, like we here at Foobooz, don’t get paid for another week, here are a few gratis food items to take note of:
The Legendary Dobbs unveils its new $5 Boneless Buffalo Chicken Blunt with free samples during this evening’s happy hour. It’s what you used to refer to as a wrap but looks a little more like a joint. And by “free samples”, that better mean that they’re handing out whole blunts, not little “mini-blunts”. I mean, if you are going to spend your happy hour on the eastern edge of South Street, you need to get fed. Go here to see a video of Chef Edwin Ramirez twisting one up.

Thanks to our friends over at Meal Ticket, we know to get to Chick-Fil-A for a free meal, since today is, of course, Cow Appreciation Day. Naturally, there’s a catch, which involves donning various pieces of bovine attire. Hmm, you probably don’t need a free meal that badly.

And as with all Fridays in July, kids eat free at Ikea. No catch. No costume. No gimmicks. As the Swedes would say, “Det låter som en jäkligt bra affär för oss!”